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Mazda Mobility Program


Mazda Canada Inc. is proud to support the mobility needs of drivers and passengers with physical disabilities, with assistance toward the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment.

Program guidelines:

Mazda Canada Inc. will provide up to $750 (including GST) towards the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment on all eligible Mazda vehicles. Adaptive driving or passenger equipment includes wheelchair or other lift equipment, hand or other driving controls. Purchase and installation of equipment which costs less than the maximum $750 will be paid at the actual costs. Purchase and installation of equipment exceeding $750 will be paid a maximum of $750.

Vehicle eligibility:

This program applies to all new and unused Mazda vehicles.

Program Description:

Mazda Canada Inc. (MCI) will provide up to $750.00 (includes GST) towards the purchase and installation of adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment on all eligible Mazda vehicles.

Adaptive driving or passenger equipment includes wheelchair or other lift equipment, hand or other driving controls.

Purchase and installation of equipment that costs less than the maximum $750.00 will be paid at the actual costs. Purchase and installation of equipment exceeding $750.00 will be paid a maximum of $750.00.

Qualifying Process:

  1. Determine your Province's or Territory's Driver's License requirements regarding the use of mobility equipment.
  2. Evaluate your needs in conjunction with your medical service provider.
  3. Choose a qualified mobile equipment installer.
  4. Only the original owner of the vehicle is eligible.
  5. Modifications and equipment installation must be completed for the original owner or their immediate family.
  6. There will be only one re-imbursement request per vehicle.

Claiming Process:

To qualify for payment, the purchaser/lessee must complete the "Mobility Assistance Claim Form" and forward it, along with required documentation, to :

Mazda Canada Inc.
Mazda Mobility Assistance Program
55 Vogell Road
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3K5

All payments will be made directly to the retail purchaser or lessee. To be eligible for payment, the "Mobility Assistance Claim Form" must be received within three (3) months from date of purchase.

Required Documentation:

Complete the "Mazda Mobility Assistance Claim Form" and submit to Mazda Canada Inc. along with the following documents:

  1. A legible copy, from an authorized Mazda dealer, of a signed Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement for a new, unused Mazda vehicle;
  2. A legible copy of the vehicle ownership certificate;
  3. A legible copy of the paid invoice(s) for the adaptive driving aids/mobility assistance equipment installed on the purchased vehicle by a qualified installation provide, and;
  4. A copy of the physician's statement identifying the specific reason(s) for mobility assistance.

Non-qualifying equipment:

Mazda Canada Inc. does not recognize the below items as adaptive driving aids or mobility assistance equipment:

  1. All accessories (i.e. side step tubes)
  2. Automatic transmission
  3. Heated seats
  4. Any mobility equipment that is not permanently affixed to the vehicle
  5. Any other equipment that, in the opinion of Mazda Canada Inc., does not meet the requirements of the Mazda Mobility Assistance Program.

Important Information:

The customer is solely responsible for the selection of both the mobility equipment manufacturer and installer. Mazda Canada Inc. or its Dealers bears no responsibility for the warranty of the mobility equipment and installation. In the Province of Quebec, a legislative requirement stipulates that individuals must see a driver rehabilitation specialist for a driver assessment before having a vehicle modified.

Mazda Owner Renewal Program

This program exists to provide existing Mazda customers who wish to finance or lease a new or demonstrator vehicle with a rate reduction for their continued patronage.

Customer Eligibility:

The Mazda Customer Owner Renewal Program is open to existing customers, or family members in their immediate household who have purchased, leased, or financed a 2000 model year or newer Mazda vehicle, either new or pre-owned. If the applicant is a family member of the original purchaser, an applicant's driver's licence must be submitted as proof of common residency.

New Vehicle Eligibility:

Any new or demonstrator Mazda vehicle. See your Mazda dealer for full details.

Owner Renewal Discount:

Qualifying customers will receive up to a 1% rate discount off the published Mazda subvened APR finance and lease program rates on 2012, 2013 and 2014 model year vehicles.

A customer is eligible to receive the rate discount regardless of the previous vehicle's purchase mode (APR finance, Lease, or Cash purchase). Under the Owner Renewal Program, APR finance and lease rates cannot fall below 0%.

Application for Renewal Discount:

Fleet accommodations are ineligible for the owner renewal discount.

Mazda Canada reserves the right to change or discontinue the program at any time.

This renewal discount is on top of any discount that may be offered by dealers to their valued customers.

Mazda Graduate Program

This program is for recent University and College Graduates who want to get into a Mazda. They get a discount on top of any other program.

Eligible Vehicles:

  • All new, unused and certified pre-owned vehicles including MCI company vehicles and Dealer demonstrators sold and delivered as retail during the program period.
  • Fleet units are not eligible.

Graduate Eligibility:

  • Canadian residents who have graduated between April 30, 2011 and April 30, 2014 from an accredited Canadian university or college. If the customer has not yet graduated, graduation must be within 90 days and be supported by a letter from the Registrar Office.
  • The eligibility period is determined from the date shown on the graduate's official transcript. No exceptions from this period will be considered.
  • Vehicle must be registered (RDR and licensed) in the name of the graduate.
  • Only one graduate claim per customer.

Eligible Schools* and Degrees

  • University: Undergraduate, Bachelor or Post Graduate, Master, Doctorate**. Course length: 3 Years
  • Community College (outside Quebec): Diploma. Course length: 2 Years
  • Cegep (Quebec): Diploma of College Studies in technique. Course length: 3 Years

*Recognized by Provincial Ministry of Education.
** Post Graduate degrees may be less than 3 years.

Program Elements:

  • Mazda Canada Inc. will pay a cash award, a portion of which includes the applicable GST/QST/HST.
  • The cash award amounts are as follows:
    • MAZDA2 - $300
    • MAZDA3 and Mazda 3 Sport - $400
    • MAZDASPEED3 - $500
    • MAZDA5 - $400
    • MAZDA6 - $500
    • CX-5 - $400
    • CX-7 - $500
    • CX-9 - $1000
    • MX-5 - $1000
  • The cash award will be used as a down payment and assigned to the selling dealer. The cash award should be deducted from the final selling price after all taxes.
  • If the customer is unable to provide the required documents at the time of delivery, the dealer can withhold the cash award until the documents are provided and pay the customer afterward. However, all other elements of the program, including the 90 days from delivery eligibility, are still valid. A special note must be made on the Claim form to explain this circumstance.
  • The Graduate cash award is in addition to any consumer retail incentives that may be available from Mazda Canada at the time of delivery.
  • As this is a consumer offer, an acknowledgement (Incentive Claim Form in eMATE) must be signed by the customer.


  • Graduates from foreign schools may qualify; however, the applicant may be required to provide proof that the school is accredited through the applicable governing body.
  • Certificates / Attestations are not eligible.
  • List of Eligible schools is attached.
  • Condensed 2 year programs are not eligible.
  • Eligibility is limited to 90 days from new vehicle delivery. (i.e. Dealers who do not apply for the Graduate Rebate at the time of delivery have 90 days following delivery to submit their application.)
  • An applicant's degree cannot be used more than once.
  • Date of issuance is not the Graduation date. This is the date the transcript was issued to the customer which is in most cases is different than the actual graduation date. Always look for the Graduation date or the date the diploma was awarded on the transcripts.

Proof of Eligibility:

  • A photocopy of an original official final transcript from the college or university showing the Graduation date (a photocopy of the diploma is not acceptable for the Mazda Graduate Program) or a letter from the Registrar's office stating the name and length of the program and the Graduation date.
  • OR IF not graduated yet: a letter confirming graduation within the program period from Registrar's office. The letter has to state the name and the length of the program.
  • A copy of the vehicle purchase or lease agreement must be included.
  • A copy of the provincial vehicle registration (and vehicle permit is acceptable wherever available) in the name of the student/applicant.

General Provisions:

  • The program rules and terms may be modified or amended by Mazda Canada Inc. by giving notice to the dealer in writing.
  • Mazda Canada Inc. reserves the right to extend, expand, reverse or discontinue any provisions of this program at any time.
  • Dealerships will be responsible for the cash award portion of the program for those applications rejected due to non-compliance with the above rules and regulations. If you have any questions, concerning a graduate's eligibility, contact your Region for approval prior to completing the transaction.

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